Here’s a great comment from a new reader:

I just found this blog today, and I’m really confused. The title seems to suggest that this is a blog of good advice for people trying to save money and be thrifty. Overall, though, it seems the posters just end up in the same pitfalls and unpleasant surprises as anyone else. Viz the recent pair of postings of “don’t get an extended warranty” followed by “crap, my non-extended-warrantied laptop just broke.” Likewise, here we have a story about new homeowners who are intelligent and took the time to do some due diligence and still got screwed in the end. It doesn’t seem that the posters’ own experiences encourage the following of the posted advice here.

Why bother with personal finance?

Those who practice sound personal finance experience the same pitfalls and unpleasant surprises as everyone else. Laptops break. Mortgage brokers make mistakes. Roofs leak. Basements flood. People get sick. Kids break things. Shit happens.

Sound personal finance prepares a person to cope with life’s surprises.

I didn’t have an extended warranty when my laptop broke, but I did have funds saved that I could have used to repair or replace it if needed. If the same thing had happened two years ago, I would have needed to use credit in order to take care of the problem. (In the end, this time I was able to fix the problem myself.)

There will always be pitfalls, no matter which path we choose. They key is to choose the path that is most likely to lead to success. I believe I’ve done that. And I want to share the setbacks, as well as the achievements.

Most of the changes I advocate are small. Taken individually, they appear inconsequential. But on the whole, over the course of months and years, they have a significant effect. We’re all human. We will make mistakes along the way. But so long as we stay focused on our goals, we’re going to reach them.

The steps I share here will lead to financial security. I can testify from personal experience that in as little as six months, a person can see a dramatic turnaround in his financial situation. All it takes is a change in an attitude and a commitment to use money wisely. I am two years into my own personal journey, and I’m shocked at how much better off I am than I was when I started.

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