It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of AskMetafilter. Many AskMe users post money questions, such as this recent batch:

Total beginner to investing and finance, researching how to start investing maybe $2K each year, mostly in socially responsible mutual funds — and how a young, healthy person should balance retirement investment with other kinds of investments. (I’m coming from a low-income background, so I haven’t watched people invest or had people talk to me about it.)

My landlord won’t take my money. How long can a landlord sit on rent checks? Our landlord hasn’t deposited our checks from the last 2 months, it’s almost time to pay again. Is there a time restraint on how long he can sit on our money?

How to find more money for school and living? My husband and I (we’re in our mid 20′s) both work part time and go to school full time. He’s a grad student, I’m an undergrad. We both have jobs that will be beneficial to our desired employment outcome when we’re done with school, so we don’t want to quit these jobs (we would also be hard pressed to find jobs that pay better). However, we don’t make enough money to exist. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make ends meet?

I just landed a well paying job in Seattle after having a soul sucking job, where I did not save a penny for about a year. While the new salary will be great, I am essentially broke, and I need a $3000 loan to relocate and get started (which has been determined to be my responsibility to cover by negociation). None of my relatives or friends have this kind of cash, nor do I have a credit card. So how would I go about getting $3000?

I’m thinking of starting a small business — should I do it? [...] Basically, I think I’m afraid to make the leap, and I want to hear from other people that have tried it. Did it work, why did it work, and if it failed, why it failed. Anyone fail at it and then re-join the salary ranks? Any suggestions for easing the financial transition? Is a home office a good way to start, or is an external office a better idea? General suggestions?

I just sold a house yesterday and ended up with a decent chunk of change. On next year’s tax form, I’m going to have to pay taxes on the gains, but I have 6 months to make the tax money work for me. So if you had ~$28K (the amount of tax I’ll owe) to invest for 6 months, what would you do with it?

It’s amazing the help you receive when you’re able to draw on the experience of 40,000 other users! Get Rich Slowly doesn’t have that sort of user base, but I’m impressed at just how much the users know, and at the answers they can provide. You guys are great!

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