I’ve used advertising at this site since its inception. The income keeps me motivated to provide quality content. I experiment with different ad formats from time-to-time, but I try to keep them as innocuous as possible. My greater concern is screening inappropriate advertisers.

Because the words “get rich” are in the name of the site, Google Adsense frequently sticks “get rich quick” ads in my articles. I hate this. Here’s an amusing juxtaposition sent in by reader Derek Springer:

[ad for a get rich quick scheme

I’ve tried to alter my preferences and to toy with the HTML, but I can’t get anything to work. I still get tons of “get rich quick” ads. I manually block all the scammers I see, but my list is nearly full. Ultimately, I may have to drop Adsense.

I also use FeedBurner ads. These are great because I can screen them in advance. I kill a lot of crap ads (PayPerPost, for example). But some provide a dilemma.

As I’ve said before, I don’t like credit cards. I know that many of you use them responsibly and actually make money with them. But most people don’t. I don’t want to promote their use. When Discover offered to advertise on this site, I wrestled with the decision for nearly two days before my wife persuaded me that the company was not evil. (She’s a responsible credit user and a huge fan of Discover.)

Now Mastercard has submitted an ad. To me, this crosses the line. But why? Discover was almost over the line, but not quite. Mastercard is just over — I’m willing to sacrifice about $50 by refusing the ad. Why is the line here? Why am I okay with one but not the other?

And what am I going to do about the “get rich quick” crap from Adsense? I’ll bet that there are scammy ads on this entry even now.

(If you have any observations, criticisms, or suggestions regarding site advertising — or any other aspect of Get Rich Slowly — please drop me a line. I consider all comments carefully.)

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