Ramit of I Will Teach You to Be Rich has just published his first ebook: Ramit’s 2007 Guide to Kicking Ass. This little gem features six original essays from Ramit and four from guest authors. (I contributed a piece called “Money Day”, of which I’m rather proud.) The book’s contents include:

  • Who Has the Most Frugal Family? — Crazy stories of extreme frugality.
  • The Key to Running a Great Project — It’s all about momentum. This is awesome advice. I need to practice this with all my projects.
  • Producers, Consumers, and the Information Diet — This reminds of Action Girl’s Guide to Living.
  • Why Do People Get So Nutty Around Christmas? — Ramit urges us to reconsider our wild rush to spend, spend, spend at Christmas.
  • 101 Words on Running More Than One Project at Once — A handy tip, and a pitch for Getting Things Done.
  • How to Send an Introductory Email — Good e-mail etiquette is more and more important.
  • Money Day (by J.D. Roth) — In which I provide an easy yet effective way to take care of all those financial chores you’ve been putting off.
  • Take Advantage of Youth (by JLP of All Financial Matters) — When should you start investing? Start now.
  • Handling Failure: Dealing with a $2.2 Million Mistake at Age 24 (by Casey Serin of I Am Facing Foreclosure) — Serin writes about what it’s like to chase a dream only to meet with utter failure. I love his concept of “failing forward”.
  • Building the Team You Already Have (by K of K’s Blog and No Limits Ladies) — Learn how to use a contacts list. Use it to give and get help when you need it.

Ramit is offering his Guide to Kicking Ass for just $5. It’s a great deal, especially considering his money-back-guarantee. Check it out and let me know what you think!

[Note: I have no direct financial stake in this project. However, if it's successful, you can be sure there'll be a Get Rich Slowly ebook in the future.]