Tax season is upon us. Get Rich Slowly doesn’t have a body of tax articles yet, but Bankrate does. Bankrate offers the following resources:

  • Tax calendar — “Think April 16 is the only date that matters? Bankrate’s tax calendar informs you of other important deadlines.”
  • Tax news to use — “A tax tip a day will help keep the IRS away. You’ll find them here, along with lots of good advice on all aspects of filing your return.”
  • Forms and charts — “This repository of information includes the new tax rates, exemption and deduction amounts, estate and gift tax exclusions, and much more.”
  • Realty/capital gains — “Your home is likely your biggest investment, and it affords you some great tax breaks to boot. These are the rules.”
  • Family — “You take care of your children and other dependents during the year. Uncle Sam takes care of you at tax time.”
  • Work — “Employers often reward their workers with more than just a paycheck. Even better, by taking advantage of these workplace offerings, you’ll also benefit at tax time.”
  • Investments — “You work hard to make sure your investments pay off nicely. Pay just as much attention to these tax considerations so that you, not the IRS, enjoy your profits.”
  • Education — “The price of higher education continues to climb. Take some of the sting out of college costs by utilizing these tax-favored options.”
  • Retirement — “Are you a working stiff, an independent contractor, a business owner? You have lots of tax-advantaged retirement vehicles at your disposal.”
  • Philanthropy — “Even the IRS has a heart. That’s why giving to your favorite charity can be a wise tax move, too, as long as you follow the rules.”
  • Breaking news — “In her blog, tax writer (and certified tax geek) Kay Bell gives you the latest scoop on taxes at the federal, state and local levels, along with her sassy spin.”

There’s loads of information there to help you prepare your taxes!

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