Most financial advice is meant for those starting out in life, or for those who have made mistakes and are looking to recover. But what if you’re already on top of things? The Saint recently wrote for advice:

I read The Wealthy Barber years ago and was floored with the simple concepts and much-needed advise. I have read the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, and listen to Dave Ramsey from time-to-time, but as with Dave and a lot of money sites, they seem to be speaking to the same people but not to me. Maybe I don’t need it. Or maybe the advice was written for the masses and not for me? If so, then what is for me?

I am 40, married with kids, have a good job with a 401K that I have done for almost fifteen years. My wife also does 401k, and we have a separate mutual fund that we have been dollar cost averaging at $200 per month for more than five years. I pay off credit card debt monthly, and currently have a car payment and house payment and that is all. I am looking to do more, so I increased my 401k last year to 8% and will increase it this year to 12% if all goes well.

My question is: I want to “have money work for me”, and not just the usual increase your 401k and do a Roth answers. What books or sites look to maximizing my money/potential? I have considered buying a rental once my house is paid off (or sooner if I can talk my wife into it). Are there others that feel the same as I do?

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