I’ve been trying to keep an empty inbox using Gina Trapani’s inbox zero rule. (Or is that Merlin Mann’s rule? I can never remember.) I have insomnia, so I’m sitting here at 1:19am replying to the messages that have accumulated over the past week. I don’t seem to be making much progress, though. I’m skipping messages that contain reader questions, guest posts, and story ideas. Suddenly it occurs to me that I literally have dozens of reader contributions in my inbox waiting to be processed.

Holy cats! You guys are awesome. Kris and I have discussed the quality of readers at Get Rich Slowly. It’s apparent not just in your contributions to the site, but especially in the discussions, which are always lively and intelligent. Thank you.

I guess I won’t be getting to an empty inbox anytime soon. And it may take some time before the question or article you’ve submitted makes it to an entry. Rest assured, however, that I’ll post as many of these items as possible.

p.s. If your submission is timely — if it relates to a current event or deals with something date-specific — please make that clear in the first sentence or two, or better yet in the subject line. I’ve found two items that I thought were general, but actually involved events long-since past. I apologize for not processing these more quickly.

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