Last month I asked for opinions regarding a series of articles on the business of blogging. Though most of the responses were positive, I received some constructive feedback on how to make the topic better fit the theme of this site. Instead, I’m starting a series of articles about earning money from hobbies. I’ll try to make the advice general, but the actual examples will often be based on blogging.

Meanwhile I’ll contribute blogging-specific articles at Flexo’s Meta Best Blog Win (on topics that cannot possibly be shoehorned into the hobby theme), a new site about the proper care and feeding of weblogs. I posted my first contribution this afternoon: How Not to Blog: Self-Defeating Behaviors. If you’re one of those who wanted to discuss the practice of blogging, please visit Meta.

I hope to have the first post on making money from hobbies done soon. (I had actually hoped to be posting it instead of this, but the best laid schemes and all that…) I’d love to work with some GRS readers for this series. I welcome guest-posts, of course, but I’d also be happy to simply interview a few of you via e-mail. If you make money from a hobby — knitting, photography, gardening, woodworking, whatever — and are willing to share your story, please drop me a line.

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