And now for something completely different…

I’ve been trying to brainstorm contest ideas in order to spread the wealth this site generates. Kris tells me she doesn’t like contests: “They look a little desperate.” Let me assure you I’m not planning to host contests out of desperation. I want to hold contests because:

  1. They’re fun, and
  2. It’s a way for me to give something back to the readers.

Until I come up with a good idea (like my “frugal Christmas tips” contest), I’m going to hold two concurrent “goofy” competitions.

Contest #1
According to Sitemeter, Get Rich Slowly has received about 870,000 visitors since launching on April 15th of last year. The site’s one-millionth visitor should arrive sometime in the next few weeks. The first contest is simple: name the time and the date of the 1,000,000th visitor.

The person who comes closing to guessing the correct date and time will get to choose either:

  • An iPod shuffle, or
  • A collection of personal finance books.

Contest #2
This one’s sillier. According to Akismet, Get Rich Slowly has received approximately 75,500 spam comments since day one. This site should receive its 100,000th spam comment in the next few weeks. The winner of this contest will be the person who comes closest to naming the date and time that the 100,000th piece of spam arrives.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t stock actual Spam, so the winner will receive:

The entry deadline is 12:01 am Pacific time on February 15th. (That’s Wednesday night/Thursday morning.) In the case of duplicate guesses, the first entrant wins. In the case of a tie, I will award two prizes. Prizes will be shipped from Amazon, so the winners will have to provide delivery information. I promise not to do anything nefarious with your info. This contest is not open to my wife.

Please leave your guesses in the comments to this entry. And remember: this is for fun — please treat it in that light.

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