Lori wrote to point out a site designed to help people save money on travel:

I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money on travel, since I have three kids and, while we like to get away, it isn’t always easy to save. I just ran across a great article at WeJustGotBack.com called “5 Genius Travel Buys” — the idea is that sometimes you have to buy something small to save big.

The article’s five genius travel buys are:

  1. AAA Membership
  2. Entertainment Book
  3. National Parks Pass
  4. CityPass
  5. SkypeOut

For more information on why each of these is such a good deal, check out the entire article.

I’ve bookmarked WeJustGotBack.com and will refer to it often to check for new articles. Kris’ parents are taking us on a tour of Britain and Ireland later this year. It will be my first trip to Europe, and I don’t know what to expect. I’m keen to find information on how to travel inexpensively.

Though WeJustGotBack.com is ostensibly for families, there’s good advice here for anyone planning a vacation. Recent articles include 19 Sites for Smart Flyers and 6 Planning Powertools. The site has sections on traveling in the various regions of the United States, as well as information on destinations around the world. There are reader tips, insider guides, and a photo gallery.

WeJustGotBack.com looks like it may be an excellent resource, but I couldn’t explore it fully. Free registration would open more of the site, but I’m unwilling to take that step. Is there any reason to require registration at a site like this? The free content feels a little sparse. I’m willing to bet there are travel blogs out there that offer strong communities and good information for free.

(Kris says that she’s been using TripAdvisor while planning our vacation with her parents. She says it offers “reviews of hotels from real people”.)

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