Last week we helped a reader get started with stocks. This week Rebecca asks how to take the next step. Where should she go for help?

For my birthday this year my Grandmother gave me some stocks. She uses Edward Jones, but tells me that I can go anywhere. Would anyone be able to recommend a good “financial advisor” company? I’m looking for someplace:

  • Local (in Portland, Oregon) or maybe something that has a good online interface.
  • Friendly. I know nothing.
  • Able to help me set up retirement accounts. Roth, Ira, 401k, etc. I have no idea what these mean.

The stocks are “Capital Income Builder” stocks, if that means anything to anyone.

It sounds as if the stocks are actually in a mutual fund, which is good. I have no experience with Edward Jones, so cannot comment on it one way or the other. I use Sharebuilder for my on-line investing, but they may not be the best choice in this case. I have friends who love E*TRADE and Charles Schwab, but again I don’t know how appropriate these are to a novice investor. Can anyone offer Rebecca advice?

ShareBuilder-Welcome page

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