For the past six weeks, I’ve been running a second personal finance site. Money Hacks offers one short tip most weekdays. I started the site in response to a post at 43 Folders. Merlin wrote:

Funny thing — in the last week or so, I’ve gotten email from three different people asking me which site I’d consider to be the ‘43 Folders’ of money management. By this, I think they mean they’re looking for some kind of framework and tips for understanding the role money plays in their life, and then trying to find the best and most practical ways to implement and maintain healthy financial change. As against fancy “wealth management,” I’m thinking more along the lines of “what tricks will help me get smarter about the day-to-day dollar leakage?” Money Hacks, if you prefer.

From this, Money Hacks was born. I started posting regularly in mid-January, but after six weeks, I’ve found that it feels odd to maintain two money sites. Every time I write something for Money Hacks I think, “I should really share this at Get Rich Slowly.”

Merging the two sites has one drawback: it would mean an additional small post most weekdays. How do you folks feel about this? I don’t want to flood your feedreaders and mailboxes. If I did move the content over here, I would probably create a new “money hacks” category.

What say you, gentle reader? Would you prefer that Money Hacks stay an autonomous entity? Or would you like to see it absorbed by its big brother, Get Rich Slowly? Some combination of the two? Don’t really care? Let your voice be heard!

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