Reader R. McCall forwarded a syndicated piece from Humberto Cruz:

Finding creative ways to save” discusses the importance of building an emergency fund, offers a fun way to do so, and then refers to a contest sponsored by the Consumer Federation.

This is a variation on the wife’s favorite money hack, rounding up to the next dollar. That earlier tip didn’t sit well with some readers who thought she was just deceiving herself. (She’s not.) This variation should meet with more universal approval.

At the grocery store, the cashier dutifully informs you of all the money you’ve saved with the store specials. “You saved $6.45 today,” she proclaims, pointing to the highlighted figure on the receipt.

You may not give this much thought, considering the whole thing smacks of showmanship and specials are meant to get you into the store so you buy other stuff, too. But a few savings-minded readers have told me that, the minute they get home, they put in a cookie jar an amount similar to what they saved.

When the jar is full, they deposit the money in their savings account. After months and sometimes years of doing this, they have balances in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Nice trick. The rest of the article provides more information about saving, and, as McCall mentioned, provides info about a contest sponsored by the Consumer Federation in which the winner will receive a savings bond. If you have a money hack, sent it to this site.

[Milwaukee Journal: Finding creative ways to save]

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