Leo at Zen Habits is conducting a series of blogger interviews this week, learning “how they achieve their goals, their most important habits, their productivity systems and more.” I’m honored to have been included today. I felt my responses went well. A sample:

What are the essential habits that you’ve formed to help you achieve your goals?

Hard work! [...] I write nearly every day, often for several hours. I read constantly. I’m always absorbing information from books, magazines, and web sites. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. I recognize that by devoting myself so wholly to my goals now that I am sacrificing other momentary pleasures. I tell myself that I enjoyed these pleasures over the past ten years, back when I had no purpose. Sure I had fun in the moment, but I felt unfulfilled. I feel fulfilled now.

And maybe after a few years of hard work I can relax, and reap the rewards over the rest of my life.

Later in the week Leo will feature interviews from David Seah, Kyle Pott (of Lifehack.org), and Gina Trapani (of Lifehacker). He plans to make this an ongoing series.

[Zen Habits: Golden goals — a series of interviews with notable bloggers (link is to category archive)]

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