I believe I’ve switched the Money Hacks RSS feed so that it’s drawing from the new money hacks category at this site. If you’re reading this via the Money Hacks feed, then everything worked.

If the money hacks end up being a poor fit at here, they will return to their own site. This is an experiment. I think it’ll work, but who can tell? So far these entries are much lower rated than the normal posts. (Which is to be expected — I put less time into them, and they often cover marginal topics.) If they prove unpopular, I’ll either figure out how to remove them from the main RSS feed or put them back on a dedicated site.

Note: Some of you don’t like the daily links. I’ve tried to reduce the number I’m posting (and to increase their quality) in the short-term, but in the long-term I hope to offer an RSS feed without them.

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