Chris at Money Management International — the largest non-profit credit counseling and debt management organization in the U.S. — dropped a line yesterday. He saw my story about tax refunds and wanted to remind me of a new MMI site devoted to the subject:

We just released a new tax-themed site, While it has several cool interactive elements (savings calculator, a mind reading game, blog, etc.) the coolest thing is the ability for visitors to share their tax refund strategy, story or solution with our online audience. Visitors then have an opportunity to vote (yes, there are prizes!) and comment on stories as they’re posted to the site.

The content at is solid, if a little sparse. The best page addresses the struggle between spending and saving: “Placing your windfall money in a savings account could be the difference between a financial difficulty and a financial disaster” and “The eighth wonder of the world is compound interest.” The “game” is pretty lame — a one-trick pony — but the blog has several short, interesting pieces.

Most intriguing are the odds on the prizes for sharing your refund story. So far there are only six saving stories and three spending stories. Since there are three prizes in each category, chances are good that you can win a prize.

Some of you who shared your refund story here yesterday may want to share them at You could win a $200 Amazon gift certificate! And while you’re there, take a look around.

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