Star MagnoliaIt’s a beautiful day here in Portland.

The sun is shining. The camellia and magnolia are in bloom. The cherries are resplendent in white and pink. The birds and squirrels frolic in the yard while the cats watch from afar. A hummingbird is flitting among the flowering quince. The air is filled with the scent of fresh-mown grass. A neighbor is blaring classic rock while he works on his car. Kris is at the picnic table reading a book. I am on the back porch answering e-mail. This evening we will join some friends at a dinner party.

I cannot wish for more in life.

Days like this are a reminder that true wealth is not about money. True wealth comes from happiness, from approaching the world with open eyes and an open mind, from learning to love what you have.

Be well, my friends, be well.

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