At Curbly, the DIY Maven has posted advice on how to save money on laundry day.

  • When the Spray ‘n’ Wash runs out, make your own.
  • If you use dryer sheets, only use half at a time.
  • If you’re shopping, consider a front-loading washer.
  • Pick up a pair of dryer balls. (I’d never even heard of these before reading this.)

I confess to having no idea how much it costs to do laundry. My wife and I have a work swap: I take care of her car and she takes care of my clothes. For more information on these tips, read the entire article.

Note: I love Curbly. If I wasn’t running this site, I’d spend a lot of time there sharing ideas and picking up new ones.

[Curbly: How to save money on laundry day]