In Monday’s post about shopping around for the best price on generic drugs, Tyler added an excellent tip:

I don’t go to the doctor much, but have had some prescriptions filled in the last couple of years. Every time there was at least one prescription with a rebate offer if you went to the official website. I never would have thought of that but I was curious what exactly the expensive ($32 after using insurance) drug did. I found a rebate offer covering up to $30 of my co-pay. Suddenly the most expensive prescription that day turned in the cheapest!

Via e-mail, he pointed me to the following coupons and rebates on nasal sprays by way of example:

  • Nasonex offers a printable $10 coupon.
  • Zyrtec offers prescription rebates.
  • Astelin offers a $10 coupon.
  • Nasacort has a rebate of up to $20 per prescription.

“The more competition a product has the more likely people are to find a rebate,” writes Tyler. Curious, I did a little checking around. Sure enough, many of the official websites for various prescription drugs offer ways to save money.

It had never occurred to me to check for a rebate or coupon for drugs. Discounts aren’t available for every product, but it’s certainly worth checking if you have expensive prescriptions to fill.

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