Tiara wrote with the following money hack:

This is aimed at people who generally drive or take public transport to work/university/etc, but who could easily cycle or walk the same distance. Each time you cycle/walk instead of driving/using public transport to your destination, pay yourself the equivalent fare. If it costs you $2 for a bus to the city, for example, and you’ve decided to walk there instead, keep the $2 in a savings box. If the trip would have cost you about $5 worth of petrol, and you’ve opted to cycle, pay yourself that $5. Do this for about a month.

By the end of the month, you will have saved a substantial amount of money. (You should also be seeing some improvements in your health as you gain extra exercise!)

This is a variation on a tip I’ve shared a couple of times before, but I still think it’s effective: replace something that costs money with something less expensive, and then bank the difference. Thanks, Tiara, for sharing this. If you have a great tip, send it to [tips *at8.} moneyhacks .%dot! org].