Several weeks ago, Liz Pulliam Weston at MSN Money pulled together a list of 12 cool money tricks. Some of these have come up here before, but it never hurts to review them. Here are a few of the ideas she shared:

  • The four-penny hack: always carry four pennies with you so you don’t get pennies in change. (This one only works once per shopping trip.)
  • Learn to use online shopping tools like and AbleShopper.
  • Get companies to compete for your business: call around to find the best deal.
  • Get a month-long interest-free loan by charging expensive items to a credit card on the first day of the billing cycle. (Though I don’t use credit cards, I admit I think this hack is particularly clever.)
  • Prepay big bills. Christmas shopping get you down? Save up for it by making small monthly payments to a specific savings account.

Get more detail on each of these money hacks (and find seven more) in the original article.