More and more people are contacting me about advertising on Get Rich Slowly. So far I’ve kept things simple by using only third-party ad networks, such as Google Adwords/Adsense, Text Link Ads, and the FeedBurner Advertising Network. But I’ve received enough requests for direct advertising that I’ve taken some time to draft an advertising policy.

The most important thing for potential advertisers (and existing readers) to know is that my objective with this site is to provide solid personal finance information. I want to help people learn to manage their money while I’m learning to manage mine. I will not accept ads that run counter to this site’s philosophy. If you have a product or service that you believe will benefit Get Rich Slowly readers, then I will probably accept your ad.

I’d prefer to see or use your product or service first, but I understand that’s not always possible. For the past week I have been running an ad for a forthcoming service called Mint. Mint will be a free web app to track your money. The ad is clean, simple, and to-the-point:

[Grow your money. Mint.]

Because the application has not yet launched, I’m unable to test it. It sounds useful, though, so I agreed to run the ad. I won’t run most ads for credit cards, and I will never run an ad for a payday loan operation. If you have a product or service of genuine use to readers of the site, I’ll probably run your ad.

If you’d like to advertise at Get Rich Slowly, check our the new advertising page for terms and rates. Please drop me a line with any questions or concerns.

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