Last summer I shared a graph of American home values from 1890 to present. I found it alarming:

[Home prices have risen more sharply in the past ten years than at any other time since 1890.]
Click image to view larger version in a new window. Graph © NYT.

This graph was taken from a New York Times article entitled “Read Between All Those For Sale Signs” [reg. required] by David Leonhardt and Vikas Bajaj. Now the folks at Speculative Bubble have decided to dramatize this graph by — what else? — plotting it inside the game Roller Coaster Tycoon.

This video is scary, especially for those of who us who have purchased homes in the past few years, but I continue to take comfort in the fact that other graphs of the bubble aren’t quite so alarming.

Still, if I lived in an apartment right now, I wouldn’t be in any rush to buy a home.

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