Thrift stores are an excellent source for inexpensive books, furniture, and clothing. I visit the local Goodwill about once a month to browse my favorite sections for bargains. (I’m wearing a $3 sweater as I type this. My personal finance library is built around books purchased at thrift stores.)

Some people are wary of thrift shops — they think they’re dirty and cheap. Others don’t know where to begin. If you’re in the latter camp, check out The ThriftShopper.Com, “a one-stop web destination for all your thrift shopping needs”.

The site features a thrift store directory: just enter your zip and it will display a list of thrift stores in your vicinity. Users can rate stores on selection, pricing, organization, customer service, and cleanliness. They can also leave short reviews which, in the true spirit of the internet, are simultaneously helpful and, well, not so much.

This is single handedly the best thrift store in the entire world. All other thrift stores should compare as this is the “perfect” score. There is absolutely no better thrift store than this one. Maybe I should rate it real low instead. Clothes are sold by the pound, chairs, couches less than $20 dollars. Tons of bikes for less than $20 or $30, I have found it cheaper to buy a bike just to replace a lost or broken rear wheel and then use the rest for parts than anywhere else in the world. Seriously, everyone else who didn’t think this was single handedly the best thrift store in the entire world is a douchetard.

The ThriftShopper.Com publishes an e-zine called The National Thrifter. This month’s issue features articles on products from occupied Japan, party games, dying Easter eggs using neckties (!!!), and doll identificaton. There’s also a thrifter of the month. There’s an archive magazine back issues.

The ThriftShopper.Com has a discussion forum and a page of links. The latter features lists of national and local thrift stores, as well as small appliance manuals, and links to other thrift-related sites.

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