Get Rich Slowly is one year old today.

In celebration, I’ve brought back the Get Rich Slowly discussion forums. I invite you to use them to tap into the expertise of other Get Rich Slowly readers, to ask questions about personal finance, and to chat about money.

To register, you’ll need to use the VIP code you see in the sidebar to the right of this entry. It’s hard to miss: the four-digit number sitting just above the picture of the cat. After you register, you’ll receive e-mail confirmation. (This may seem like extra-paranoid security, but the last incarnation of the forums turned into a haven for spammers. I don’t want a repeat of that fiasco.)

As an added incentive to join the discussion, I’m offering some prizes. Each person who registers and contributes at least five substantive posts or comments by the end of April will be eligible to win some personal finance books.

One active member, chosen at random, will win their choice of five books from the my list of favorite personal finance books. Ten active members, chosen at random, will win their choice of one book from the list. The list includes classics such as:

I’m also offering Suze Orman’s The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke as an alternative. I picked it up at Costco the other day — it looks like an excellent choice for people just out of college.

You’ve got a couple weeks to make your five contributions to the forums. There are already 70 registered users and nearly 500 posts. Go ask a question! Better yet, go answer a question.

When I started this site a year ago, I didn’t have many expectations. I knew that the “Get Rich Slowly” post at my personal site had spurred a huge response from other people who were struggling with their personal finances. I wanted to establish a place where I could continue to share what I was learning about money. I felt like my life was changing for the better, and I hoped to help a few people make similar positive choices.

Here we are a year later and 20,000 people have subscribed to the site. That’s amazing. I do my best to find helpful and interesting information to share with you. There’s a lot out there, though, and I’m just one man. I have too much to write and not enough time. Sometimes it can be overwhelming!

Fortunately, my wife has tolerated the long hours I’ve spent with the computer in my lap, and has listened to endless ideas. She proofreads my entries (if you spot an error, it’s because I posted something before she could check it), she gives me ideas, and she’s my biggest supporter. Thanks, Kris!

Finally, my deepest thanks go to you, the readers. I’ve said it many times before, but you are the reason this site is a success. I’m constantly amazed at the breadth of your knowledge and the range of your experience. Together we are building something worthwhile that can help others escape from debt and invest in their future. I invite you to continue contributing questons, tips, stories, and feedback.

Let us continue to get rich slowly!

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