In the forums, Brad points out that Shred-it, a document shredding company, is offering its services for free at dozens of sites around the U.S. tomorrow. According to the company’s site:

Shred-it®, Office Depot® and Crime Stoppers USA® are helping consumers fight identity theft by organizing the 2007 USA National Community Shred campaign. Community Shred events will be held at 100 Office Depot stores across the country on April 28, 2007 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time.

Shred-it, the world’s leading on site document destruction company and Crime Stoppers USA will bring their expertise to Office Depot stores to help people take action against identity theft and fraud. Shred-it mobile shredding trucks will be on site and consumers are invited to bring all the documents they can carry for shredding. Representatives from Crime Stoppers will offer tips and advice on how to protect yourself against identity theft and to collect voluntary donations that will benefit the local Crime Stoppers programs in each community.

We’ve discussed before which financial records to keep, and how long to keep them. With the increase in identity theft, it’s important to destroy your documents when you purge them. I burn some of mine in a pot-belly stove, but I’ve also begun to shred them, too. (Thanks to the paper shredder my in-laws gave me for Christmas!)

If you have files full of old financial papers, this weekend would be an excellent time to sort through them, archiving those that should still be saved, and taking advantage of this free shredding offer to get rid of those that you no longer need.

[GRS discussion forum: Paper shredding for free, 28 April 2007]

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