After several months of using automated posts from, I’m going to experiment with making the daily links more robust. You folks seem to have a love/hate relationship with these — I’m hoping to make them more palatable to the “hate” crowd.

>> Carnival of Personal Finance #99 <<
This week’s carnival is hosted by Golbguru at Money, Matter, and More Musings. Highlights from this edition include:

>> Sitting on $100,000 <<
A CNN Money reader worries: “I’ve been sitting on $100,000 for over a year because the market has been climbing to historic highs. I have always been told to buy low and sell high, so do you think I should wait for the correction before I invest this money. Or should I just invest it now?” Walter Updegrave, one of my favorite money experts, has the answer. (Also read JLP’s take at All Financial Matters)

>> Renting, rights and money mistakes <<
Dawn at Frugal for Life (a great blog, a constant source of inspiration) has some excellent tips for those of you who rent. My favorite is “read the lease”, which is similar to my advice to read your mortgage before signing.

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