One benefit of creating this daily links section is that I can also toss in miscellaneous administrative content now-and-then. For example, I forgot to announce the winners of the “join the discussion forum” contest. Andrea, Gnashcick, Pszalapski, Emlombardo, and Siobhan were each randomly selected to win one personal finance book. Long-time reader RJ was the grand-prize winner. He received five personal finance books. Thanks to everyone for participating. (And if you haven’t joined the GRS discussion forum, it’s a great place to ask questions and share ideas about personal finance.

>> Michael Pollan: You are what you grow <<
After our discussion of Rebecca Blood’s Thrifty Food Plan Challenge, Golden Lady e-mailed me this recent Michael Pollan story from The New York Times Magazine (which I still wish I could get a la carte). The article describes how current U.S. agricultural policy encourages certain types of food, namely calorically-dense processed products. It explains why it’s cheaper to buy a potato chips than it is to buy potatoes.

>> Double trouble for ID-theft victim <<
Rachel Poor had her identity stolen, and now she’s trapped in a real-life nightmare. Because her checking account number was stolen (and not her credit card number), many conventional anti-ID theft tactics aren’t working. The criminal just drains her account as fast as she can add money. And Bank of America isn’t helping. [This story was sent in by Sabino.]

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