The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit consumer information and advocacy organization, has a collection of freely-downloadable consumer form letters and opt-out information. (What a mouthful!) Here’s how they suggest these letters be used:

Send your letter by Certified Mail-Return Receipt Requested. If possible, fax the letter first. Make a copy of your letter for your records before sending. To locate the proper party to send this letter to, check for a mailing address included on your original notice or on the web site in question. You may also want to check for an address with a Who Is registration listing such as or with the Better Business Bureau.

This site offers letters in a variety of categories, including credit disputes, debt collection, financial privacy, identity theft, and more. Here are three of the most useful:

The site also includes information on all kinds of privacy issues, including how to deal with telephone harassment, junk faxes, identity theft and more.

[Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: Consumer form letters and opt-out information]

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