Consumer Reports — my favorite personal finance magazine — is publishing a series of blogs devoted to various consumer topics. Since most of the Consumer Reports web site is behind a paywall — even for magazine subscribers (lame!) — these blogs are a handy way to keep tabs on some of the organization’s recommendations.

The CR Shopping Blog “enables us to zero in on the latest product information, news, trends, and sales figures, and reveal what retailers and e-tailers are doing to win your business. We’ll keep you posted on critical information to help you get the best deals.” This is the CR blog with the most relevance to readers of Get Rich Slowly. Unfortunately, it’s the one updated least often. Here you can find stories like:

CR Electronics Blog will “report on important new developments, follow up on past Ratings reports posted on, and report ongoing issues or trends. We’ll also provide occasional shopping advice, including tips on particularly good prices for models we recommend from our Ratings.” Typical articles include:

The CR Cars Blog is a place for the “auto editors and engineers [to] share news, expert insights, and experiences.” Along with the model-specific information you’d expect to find, the car blog publishes pieces such as:

CR Tax Blog “offers information, new ideas, helpful hints, and commentary on the consumer taxpaying experience.” This blog publishes articles like these:

At the CR Safety Blog you can find “up-to-date reports of product safety hazards that can imperil you and your family. We’ll cut through the ad hype, PR spin, and government rhetoric to give you unbiased insight and analysis of safety issues.” There’s not a lot directly related to personal finance in this blog, though if you want info on poison control centers (“a vital, fragile resource“) or product recalls, you may want to subscribe to the feed.

(And don’t forget The Consumerist, my favorite frequently-updated blog of consumer advocacy!)

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