>> The $140 Homemade Scarf <<
Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, write about the joys of menial labor, about how some of us make a hobby out of what used to be considered work. “What makes a certain activity work for one person and leisure for another?” Why is it that we enjoy cooking, or gardening, or knitting on our own time, but not if it’s a job? The comments at the Freakonomics blog entry for this article are interesting. [via kottke]

>> Little Brown Dress <<
First sent to me by Amy Jo last winter, several people have now forwarded the story of Alex Martin’s “one-woman show against fashion”. “I made one small, personal attempt to confront consumerism by refusing to change my dress for 365 days,” she writs. Alex kept a journal of the experience. Now she’s working on another project: the 100% recycled wardrobe.

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