>> Five things your financial advisor knows (but will never tell you) <<
Justin looks at some of the dirty secrets of financial advisors. My favorite tip is “if you don’t know anything about personal finance, then don’t hire a financial advisor”.

Clients often say to me, “I don’t know anything about money.” My first thought it often to postpone taking that client on, and then simply referring him/her to some of my favorite personal finance books at the local library. In my opinion, this client cannot fully benefit from the advice that I have to give because he/she is not yet able to communicate with me using the language of personal finance.

>> The 100th Carnival of Personal Finance <<
Madame X at My Open Wallet presents this 100th edition of the popular blog roundup, which (co-incidentally) includes 100 posts from pfbloggers around the web. Some highlights include:

Get Rich Slowly will host the second anniversary edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance in a few weeks. I’m hoping to make especially useful to you, the readers.