>> The Motley Fool: 10 Things I Hate About Finances <<
“When it comes to finances, there’s no shortage of tasks to dread… But ignoring the niggling details is even worse than the drudgery of getting them done… Wipe that sour look right off your face and read on for the 10 things we all hate about finances, along with 10 ways to get them out of the way faster.”

>> Wheaties for Your Wallet: How Banks Maximize Your Overdraft Charges <<
“When we first launched Wesabe last November, we were not surprised to see that our #1 top merchant at that point was Amazon, and #2 was Netflix. That matched well with the stereotype of early adopters. What was surprising, though, was the merchant #20 was Overdraft Fee. If you think overdraft fees just hit people who are bad with money, they don’t — they hit a huge percentage of the population.”

>> Cheap as Chips: HELP Is on Its Way <<
For Australians: Tehnyit has some ideas on how recent university graduates can reduce their debt to the Higher Education Loan Programmer (HELP). The entry also has links to other resources.

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