>> Compact fluorescent lightbulbs are your friends <<
Paul at Green Capitalism describes his quest to “go green” while saving money. “Using less energy is good. Switching to CFL Bulbs that use less electricity is one way to accomplish that goal.” But not everything as easy as changing a light bulb. “Hot water is reported to take up 11% of the energy bill. The hot water heater is a mystery to me. Do we wrap it or not?”

>> Inexperienced thoughts on careers <<
My neighbor Jonathan meditates on what it takes to get the most out of his career. The highlight of this post is his simple yet effective Venn diagram.

>> Notes on The Dangerous Book for Boys <<
!!! Trent has managed to find and review a copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys, which has nothing to do with personal finance, but which I covet. I first read about this book at Parent Hacks. It looks awesome.

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