This just in!

The Los Angeles Times web site has a blurb on many of its pages this morning announcing that personal finance columnist Kathy Kristof will be answering questions in an online chat today (Thursday, May 17th) at 1:00 pm. Pacific. (Which is 4:00pm Eastern.) You can find her in the LA Times personal finance chat area.

If you have a burning personal finance question, drop by and ask an expert. (If you get an answer, report back to us!)

And remember: the Get Rich Slowly discussion forum is an excellent place to get answers to your questions when a personal finance expert isn’t available. Active members like Tinyhands, JerichoHill, Nickel, Brad, Squished18, Consultant Journal, and Plonkee do their best to offer advice on everyday financial issues. To sign up, just use the VIP code 0325.

[Thanks, Vincent!]

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