Lots of good personal development links today!

>> 60+ improvements to make in your life <<
Dumb Little Man gives a list of some siple things you can do to make life better. “Life is a never-ending improvement process. No matter what you do or how perfect your life seems, there is always something to improve.” This is a great little list. (Jay, your sidebar is broken in Safari!)

>> The difference between experts and dropouts (and the gradual nature of success) <<
“Everyone starts as an absolute beginner with no ability. The drop outs never get anywhere because they give up at the first sign of adversity. The amateurs achieve a degree of success but become complacent and stop improving. The experts are the only group to reach the top tier because they continuously improve.”

>> AskMetafilter: Overcoming fear of success <<
“I deeply want to be successful, yet I seem to fear success almost as much as I fear failure. Towards that end I often find myself doing things that are somewhat self sabataging. For instance, if a job pays well or requires a lot of responsiblity, I’m usually too scared or intimidated to apply for it. [...] I also struggle with difficulty defining my goals. I have many, many interests, and consequently find myself expending energy in multiple career directions. [...] Does anyone have suggestions for overcoming a deeply ingrained fear of success?”