>> How to beat the stock market: Buy companies with high customer satisfaction scores <<
The Consumerist links to a report that indicates “companies at the top 20% of the the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) greatly outperformed the stock market, generating a 40% return. From 1996-2003, the portfolio outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 93%, the S&P 500 by 201%, and NASDAQ by 335%.”

>> Generation gap? About $200,000 <<
“The growing divide between the rich and poor in America is more generation gap than class conflict, according to a USA TODAY analysis of federal government data. The rich are getting richer, but what’s received little attention is who these rich people are. Overwhelmingly, they’re older folks.”

>> Simple pleasures include financial security <<
The more I read from Ben Stein, the more I like him. His advice is great. “Keep it simple, my friends — the burl-wood dashboard and plush leather seats of a Bentley may feel great, but opening up your mutual fund statement and seeing how much you have to cushion you and your family against life’s uncertainties feels even better.”