>> Curbly: Salvage and season cast-iron cookware <<
“Cast iron is incredible. It’s like nature’s non-stick surface. I have a 12” skillet, a round griddle for tortillas, and a large, rectangular griddle/grill pan, all of which I absolutely baby, adding flavor layer by layer, and avoiding soap, and many times water, at all cost. So, I was stoked to find this cast iron Dutch oven at a thrift store for $4. All it needed was a little TLC and a round of seasoning, and I knew it would be my new best friend.”

>> AskMetafilter: How do I sell an expensive item on Craigslist and avoid being scammed? <<
“I’m about to list a relatively expensive item on Craigslist (asking ~$700) and have been reading up on all of the different scam horror stories and what not to do. I’m only going to be dealing with someone in person, and I won’t accept any wire transfers, cashier checks or money orders because of the high abuse potential, but I’m not sure what this leaves as viable alternatives for what I should do to receive payment.”