One of the best things parents can do to prepare their children for the Real World™ is to teach them basic financial skills. A kid who knows how to save is a kid who has a jump-start on life. Money Savvy Generation is a company designed to “help kids get smart about money”. Founder Susan Beacham writes:

I am the mother of two girls. I was also a private banker, who repeatedly saw in my professional life how painful and difficult it was for my adult clients to deal with even the most basic concepts of personal finance. In 1999 I decided to do something about this and co-founded Money Savvy Generation with my husband, Michael.

My dream is to teach money management basics to elementary school aged children, a segment of our educational system virtually untouched because of the perceived complexity of the subject matter. Stated differently, I wanted to get “out in front” of money management behavior before bad habits set in.

Money Savvy Generation creates and sells tools designed to help parents and children develop sound money skills. The company’s keystone product is the Money Savvy Pig:

The company also produces a Money Savvy Cow and a Money Savvy Football. Each money savvy bank features slots for SAVE, SPEND, DONATE, and INVEST. (Of course, the truly frugal can accomplish the same thing with four canning jars.)

I have no affiliation with Money Savvy Generation — I just like the pig! (Trent likes the pig, too, and chose it for his son.)

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