Mandy from Personal Finance 101 needs advice on job-hunting. She recently moved across the country, and now finds herself looking for work. She could use some tips.

I’ve decided to break down and get a “real job” (my mom’s words) while I’m growing my business out here in Portland and I’m finding the job hunt to be less than thrilling. I’ve never had to really look for a job before, so I think I have a low annoyance level.

So my question is, when you’re looking for a job, where/how do you look? Do you network? newspaper? Craigslist? Monster? All of the above?

It has been years since I looked for a job. Even then, most of my jobs have come easy. I’ve never had to go through the traditional hiring process, though I’ve watched friends and family do so.

What’s the best way to find work in 2007? How did you find your job? Do you have any hints and tips for using various internet tools? Is finding work via Craigslist different than using Monster? Is it all about personal networking?

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