>> My struggle: Spending on food is really about motivation <<
Flexo at Consumerism Commentary writes about his mental block against “brown-bagging” lunch. “I don’t like spending time preparing my food. The supposed motivation of saving about $5 a day, or $100 a month, is apparently not enough to [for] me.”

>> How to become wealthy <<
At Clayton Cramer’s personal site, he ran a series of entries in 2003 about “how to become wealthy”. He later compiled them all into a single, long page. There’s a lot of great advice here about various aspects of personal finance. Well worth bookmarking and returning to now and again when you have the time.

>> Lifestyle inflation — When does it become a problem? <<
Golb Guru has a great piece (with graphs!) on lifestyle inflation — when is it okay? And when does it go too far?