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>> How victim snared ID thief: She chased down woman who had given her 6 months of hell <<
This is an amazing story. Imagine having your identity stolen. Imagine the culprit making off with thousands of dollars and sending you into a bureaucratic nightmare. Imagine stumbling onto the identity thief in the local Starbucks and then chasing her down on foot. Wow. Most victims are not so fortunate.

>> Putting energy hogs in the home on a strict low-power diet <<
From the New York Times: “The power consumed by common electric devices — even when they’re not in use — can quickly add up.” This reminds me of my review of the Kill-a-Watt electricity usage monitor. [via Amy Jo]

>> How much do I need to save for retirement? <<
Life Learning Today has a fine introduction to the subject. And don’t worry — part three of my introduction to IRAs is coming later this week. [via BlackFin]