Sometimes I get giddy when I save just a little bit of money.

The cyan ink in our printer ran dry yesterday. When I went to the store today I had the option of buying name-brand ink for $8 a cartridge or off-brand ink for $6 a cartridge. And the off-brand stuff was on sale at a 50% discount. Of course I bought the off-brand stuff. In fact, I stocked up. I cleared the store out of my type of ink cartridge — eight cartridges of various colors for a total of $24 (a $64 value!).

I found this jackpot at the branch near my office. There’s also a branch a mile from my home. I’m tempted to go clean it out of ink cartridges, too.

Later this afternoon I succumbed to temptation and went into my local comic book shop. I browsed the new titles, and gazed longingly at some books that I wanted. I was strong, though, and left without buying a thing. A triumph of will! (I haven’t bought comics in a long time, actually. My net comic book expense is -$337.97 since mid-May — I sold some volumes on eBay.)