The youngest reader of Get Rich Slowly might just be C.J., who is nine-and-a-half (“almost a teenager”). C.J. recently started his own fiscal fitness journal in the Get Rich Slowly discussion forums. He writes:

I want to get rich so I can buy a backhoe. A real one, because that’s the job I want to do. After I finish college I want to build big buildings and be an inventor. I want to be on Dirty Jobs and Myth Busters, too.

I have $103.57 in my savings account. It’s at ING and they paid me $50 just to get it. And they pay me money every month because they use my money, so I get free money all the time. But I can get it back any time I want, they can’t keep it. I have some money in my jar that’s from my allowance ($8 every two weeks) and money I find at stores on the ground. I always look for money. Yesterday I found 3 dimes, a nickel and 4 pennies at Home Depot. One time I found a 50 cent piece. Dad says I have eagle eyes and I’m good at it.


I have a job pretty soon to feed the neighbors dogs. I think they’ll pay me $20. Half will be for my back hoe and half for a new train. I already have $33 for it. That’s my idea, half for each one. And half from my candy machine, but I have to buy more candy after it’s gone. I got $7 from my brother because he broke my radio I won at Boy Scouts and that’s how I bought the candy. [...] I want a crane machine next and then I’ll have two businesses plus my inventions, too. Now I need to find a good place to put the machine so people will put quarters in it. [...]

We went on vacation and I wasn’t going to take any money to spend but then my Aunt sent me $20 to buy something on our trip. I wanted to save it for my train, but mom said I had to use it the way my Aunt said, so I bought a big stuffed snake. That’s one way you can get money — from your Aunt if you use good manners and say thank you and talk to her nice, then she might give you some money for no reason.

It’s great to see a kid this age already developing smart financial habits. You all know how much I love child entrepreneurs — C.J. seems to be well on his way in this regard, too. (I’m going to send him a copy of What Color is Your Piggy Bank?, though something tells me he doesn’t really need it.)

If you have any advice or encouragement for C.J. on his quest to save for a backhoe, drop by the forums and let him know. (You’ll need to use the VIP code 0325 to register.)

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