DM wrote to share his favorite grocery tip.

As the primary cook and grocery-getter in our household, I’ve discovered that there are certain pantry and household items that we use more than others. In our case, it’s things like: canned chicken broth, canned tomatoes, frozen ground turkey, and Diet Pepsi. These are things that I use several times a week, if not daily. I think it’s useful to know your “strike point” at the the supermarket for these frequently-used items.

As an example, Campbell’s chicken broth is typically priced at $0.89 per can. If I’m out and I need it for a recipe, I buy only what I need. However, it’s occasionally priced at $0.50 per can. When that happens, I buy a couple of cases and store it in the basement. Similarly, I never buy Diet Pepsi for anything more than $4.50 per case. But if it hits $4.00, I buy 10 cases or more.

My suggestion for others is to analyze their regular purchases and type up a wallet sized list of their key strike points. Break it down to a unit price as well, in case there are bulk discounts available.

This is a terrific idea. Kris and I use a variation on it already. We don’t have printed lists of staples, but we’re each aware of what our favorite foods cost. In my case, I am quite fond of a certain brand of canned chili. But I try not to buy it at regular price. I wait for it to go on sale for $0.89 per can (or less). Similarly, I can’t bring myself to pay full price for fruit juice. But our local grocery store often discounts juice by $1.00 or $1.50 or more if it’s close to its sell-by date. I’m perfectly happy to drink this stuff.

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