I’ve spent the last couple hours replying to your e-mail messages, sorting through the links you sent me while I was on vacation. I kept wishing that I had a way to share more of these with GRS readers; then I remembered my early-morning “daily links” section! Here, then, are some stories passed along by your fellow readers:

Business Week: The Pet Economy
“Americans spend an astonishing $41 billion a year on their furry friends,” this article says. Though this article makes some good points about Americans’ obsessions with their animals, you’ll never hear me say that people shouldn’t have pets. I believe that if you’re sensible, pet ownership is one of the cheapest ways to bring happiness to your life. But maybe you shouldn’t listen to me — I have four cats! [via Joyce]

Los Angeles Times: Eight Golden Lessons from the Silver Screen
For several months, I’ve been planning a post on this very topic — personal finance lessons from the movies. The L.A. Times beat me to it. It’s a fluff piece, to be sure, but it has good advice. There’s even advice from one of my favorite movies, The Big Lebowski. [via Vincent]

Yahoo! Finance: How to Save Big on Your Mortgage
In June, we discussed whether it’s best to invest or to prepay a mortgage. At Yahoo!, columnist David Bach writes: “In my 9 years of experience as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley, the clients who paid their debts off early — specifically their mortgages — retired 5 to 10 years before those who didn’t.” Bach offers several tips for accelerating mortgage payments. (I must admit: these tips really appeal to me. I’d love to pay off our mortgage early.) [via David Hatch, who submits lots of great links]

That’s it for today. I’ll share more reader-submitted articles tomorrow.

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