No Credit Needed is hosting the 100th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. Go drop in to find great advice on eliminating debt. Among my favorite contributions are:

Also this week, My Open Wallet is hosting Carnival of Personal Finance #113, which features dozens of personal finance tips from your favorite bloggers.

From The Oregonian, comes the absurd tale of a woman who bought a million-dollar lottery ticket with a stolen credit card. Before authorities discovered the fraud and revoked the award, she’d at least used some of her first installment to pay off nearly $12,000 in credit card debt.

Finally, here’s a piece from Morningstar exploring which to choose: mutual funds or ETFs? The conclusion? If you use a discount broker, invest a lot of money at once, and are willing to hold for a long time, then ETFs are probably the best choice. For everyone else, traditional index mutual funds are the smartest option.

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