When was the last time you made something? Deborah Ng at Simply Thrifty took it upon herself to make something rather cool: a hyperlinked list of 100 things you can make yourself. Deborah writes:

It seems the more we advance, the more stuff is done for us. I don’t mind letting someone else do all the work for me — the problem is of course, that convenience is expensive and we’re getting really lazy. I started thinking about all the things we can make ourselves if we put forth a little effort and found lots of cool instructions online. My fellow cheapskates, I give you 100 things you can make yourself.

The list contains a lot of food items, such as:

There’s more on this list than just food, though. Here are some more crafty projects:

These are just a handful of the projects Deborah has collated. What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time, head on over to find something you can make yourself!

[Simply Thrifty: 100 things you can make yourself]