So many links, so little time. There have been a lot of great personal finance articles on the web lately. Here are a few:

How to write a resume
This is a fairly comprehensive guide to writing resumes, covering different goals and methods. I like that the post includes a huge bibliography of other web pages about resumes. I don’t like the emphasis on an “objective statement”. As an employer, I have to tell you I think objective statements are lame. Maybe I’m the only one, though. Maybe other employers actually find value in them.

Five steps to forming a giving habit
Ryan Stewart has written a nice little introduction to charitable giving. He advises picking a handful of organizations to support, budgeting contributions, and making them automatic. I’m looking forward to making charity a priority when I finally have my debt eliminated!

9 ways to look rich but live cheap
At MSN Money, MP Dunleavey offers tips for living the good life inexpensively. I think several of these tips are great, including:

  • Buy classics. Fashion is expensive. Rather than spend money to keep up with the latest styles, plan your wardrobe around clothing that is always in style. (For men, Alan Flusser’s Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permananet Fashion covers this subject; I don’t know of a similar book for women.) The article recommends purchasing high-quality used vehicles instead of buying new.
  • Vicarious wealth by volunteering. Dunleavey suggests volunteering at local theater and arts organizations. This will allow you to “gain access to pricey cultural events without paying a dime”.
  • Purge the poverty from your life. Stained carpets and broken cabinets create a feeling of poverty. Take care of what you own. Buy quality and care for it. You don’t need to spend a lot to feel rich.

There’s a lot of material untapped here — I may write something about this topic in the future.

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