I may have taken Labor Day weekend off from writing about personal finance, but that doesn’t mean my colleagues did. Here are some recent articles I found interesting:

At Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, Jim followed our recent discussion of paperless personal finance with an article of his own. He says there are two primary reasons to go paperless: it’s good for the environment and it saves you money. Since Jim writes a personal finance blog, he’s taken an in-depth look at 5 ways paperless personal finance saves money.

Jonathan at My Money Blog explored the idea of an adult allowance, a monthly budget allocation for each person in a partnership that can be spent with no questions asked. I think this is a great idea for those with joint finances. (Those of us with separate finances basically operate in this mode by default.)

Sometime when I wasn’t watching, Him and Her at Make Love, Not Debt gave their blog a face-lift. I like it. If you haven’t read this couple’s adventures getting married and struggling to get out of debt, you should check them out.

While everybody else was writing, I spent 72 hours purging books and cleaning the house. It’s amazing how a little elbow-grease can turn an old, messy room into a whole new space. Dawn at Frugal for Life happened to just post a piece about purging excess. She discusses the merits of “going cold turkey” vs. taking a more gradual approach.

Finally, if you’re frugal and crafty — and have kids in your life — check out the cool list of safe toys you can make at the CRAFT Blog.

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